Thursday, December 09, 2004

Welcome, Fellow Travelers

It's the end of Fall Quarter here at the University of Chicago. That means it's time for a new blog. These things have an interesting life-cycle. I feel as though it makes more sense to start a new blog from scratch, rather than resurrect a now-defunct blog, whose readership and interest level collapsed long ago, due to lack of interest. As always, I'll make a promise to do better next time. Just for now, though, here's a list of the blogs I started that are now dead.
-My livejournal (years and years ago. this was BIG in high school) (technically still exists. some interesting stuff, but not much) (group blog with me and Molly, both abroad. "abroad"... "ablog"... get it???) (ah, the cabal. a lovely groupblog that turned into one big cat fight. it's done, now) (a brief experiment, no defunct)

Steer clear of these blogs in the future.
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