Friday, January 28, 2005

Not Your Typical Survivor Story

This doesn't strike me as your typical "Movie of the Week" Survivor story.

Here's a taste:

"Rescue teams found Richard Kral drunk and staggering along a mountain path four days after his Audi car was buried in the Slovak Tatra mountains."

Here's the punchline.

More details on this harrowing tale of survival as they come in...

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Make It So

Patrick Stewart says: "I obsessively play Tetris. I like the old-fashioned Game Boy, but I left mine on a plane."

Patrick Stewart exists at the intersection of way too many of my interests. Star Trek? Check. Comic books? Check. Now videogames? Classic videogames??? It's just too much. Check out this peculiar interview. It's worth the read.

"Damn it, Will. You're ready to play Tetris without a net."

Thursday, January 13, 2005


"It was mass hysteria," said Paul Spalek, who was canvassing outside the Apple Store for the Fund for Public Interest. "There were pretty much people from every depth of the street who were taking pictures.... Everyone was in their own little head because of this."

What could prompt this kind of MADNESS??? Why the debut of Apple's new iPod Shuffle! I'm not sure I'm entirely convinced about this one. As an iPod owner, one of my favorite aspects is having a screen that can tell me exactly what's playing, by whom and for how long. However, I'll suspend judgement until I get my hands on one. Oh yeah, read this from "Wired News".

"Bring us the Shuffle!"

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

This last Saturday/Sunday, the gang and I headed out to do a little Karaoke up at "Sidekicks" on Montrose Ave. Good times were had be all. Here are some pics. Posted by Hello

Todd's singing "You Better You Bet". Posted by Hello

Martha and I dance to something positively sweet. Posted by Hello

It's me singing "You Can't Always Get You Want". I'm positively electric. Posted by Hello

Cory and Erin sing "Under Pressure". Cory's on Bowie, Erin's on Freddy. Posted by Hello

Todd studies the potential selections. Posted by Hello

Friday, January 07, 2005

Last night a few of my friends from home and I took a trip downtown to "Howl at the Moon". It's a piano bar where these guys will take virtually any requests. We threw in $5 and a request for "Roxanne". Said request was quickly obliged. No cover for college students on Thursdays. However, a Coors light was about $4.50. Ouch! Posted by Hello

Todd chugs a huge beer. Woof woof. Posted by Hello

Kevin and his new friend (or at least new to me) Ashley. Posted by Hello

Erynn and Cory put on their red shoes and dance the blues. Posted by Hello

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Toilet Humor

I think the subject heading says it all. Here's a quck quote:
Nine-year-old Joey Sinay is so interested in how toilets work that he wrote a letter to a toilet maker asking if they would produce a clear commode.
Read the whole thing.
Weird link courtesy of Fark

Let's Talk About the Weather

Today reminds me of a cap from a bottle of Nantucket Nectar I once drank which read: "On April 5th, 1835, it snowed on Nantucket." At the time, I thought it was about the single most lovely thing I'd read in a long while. On a day like today, it almost certainly is.

Gosh, what gross gushing. And by the way, Happy New Year!