Thursday, September 08, 2005

Pointless Wikipedia Entries: Part 3

David Xanatos
If William Riker played "Lex Luthor" for the annual Westly Crusher-pennedEnterprise Follies, the result would be something very much like David Xanatos. I can't think him enough for brining the Gargoyles to our shores, and with them, my early love of Norse mythology and Shakespeare.

AOE III - The White Man Cometh

Age of Empires III, the third entry into the Age of Empires game series (duh!) dropped a little gift for us on the internet, today. Or at least I became aware of it today. A demo has surfaced on the official site and I for one an very, very anxious to go home and give it a try. Where AOE focused on the empires of antiquity and AOE II focused on the medieval period, AOE III apparently focuses on the periods of colonial and imperial expansion - from Henry the Navigator through the Industrial Revolution.

I was a big fan of AOE, years and years ago when it dominated the field of historical real time strategy. I would watch my friend Chris as he sent dozens upon dozens of his War Gallies against the enemy's coastline, pummelling them into submission. While terribly fun, AOE II made this strategy far less plausible by adding little exploding ships that would sink a tightly clustered fleet to the bottom of the briney deep. Anyhow, AOE III is rendered in full 3-D and looks set you know your socks on your ass.

This screenshot doesn't tell you anything about the game. Yet, I found it to give me a tremendous sense of peace...

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Jenny's Calendar

Did you know that Robia LaMorte (Buffy the Vampire Slayer's "Jenny Calendar") has her very own Calendar? Neither did I! But the naming synchronicity is just too much to pass over without comment. If you qualify as a "true Jenny fan", you can purchase this 2006 calendar for the low, low price of 19.99. However, I can't imagine why any "true Jenny fan" would pick the 19.99 calendar when they could get one personalized by Robia, herself for 39.99!

Computers - blah blah blah - Musty old books...

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Pointless Wikipedia Entries: Part 2 - "Blathering Blatherskite"

Fenton Crackshell, a.k.a. GizmoDuck

Pointless Wikipedia Entries: Part 1

One delightful feature of the Wikipedia is that entries are generally directly proportional to the amount of enthusiasm out there for a given topic. As a result, entries for fictional characters, ideas or places are often longer than their factual counterparts. While researching my previous post, I was reminded of my love for truely pointless Wikipedia entries. Therefore, in the same vein as previous successful series as "Englishmen I Like" and "Blogstrike", I bring you "Pointless Wikipedia Entries".

We'll start off with a fun one.

Harmony Kendall

FLASH: James Marsters not Divorced from Reality

According to SciFi Wire James Marsters would be very interested in reprising his role as Spike for a possible TV movie in the future, but cautions that he doesn't have forever:
Buffy/Angel creator Joss Whedon approached him "when Angel was still filming and asked me if I'd be interested in a TV movie, and I said, 'Hell, yeah. But you have five years.' Because this character read as a 27-year-old. [When I first took the role], I was 35 then, but kind of looked 27. Now I'm 43 looking like a 35-year-old, but my character is not supposed to age one day. I think I could maybe match that first shot, but I think I maybe have about two more years [left]."

No word yet if a similar statute of limitations exists in regards to Marsters' musical ambitions.