Saturday, December 18, 2004

One Size Fits All?

Is there just one "Geek Subculture"? Phoebe Maltz seems to think so. But is that true? I, for instance, never had anything to do with Dungeons and Dragons. I never even played Warcraft. I did, however, buy Magic cards, if only for a while. I was more of a comic book/science fiction guy. I'd like to think these two go together, but in my experience, people think that whatever they do must go together. That brings us back to Ms. Maltz. Even without much of the official trappings of "Geek Subculture," your membership in the club has been secured. The facination with different varieties of cheeses would probably be enough. The blogging puts you over the top. WAY over the top. Keep in mind, I respect both of those things quite a bit. Each is more useful than a facination with Babylon 5 or the fantasy worlds of Jim Henson, but I'm afraid to say they still qualify you for membership in the International Brotherhood (Sisterhood?) of the Dork. Congratulations.

Update: I think this is probably all the further evidence required to make the case. Hell, it might even qualify you for a lifetime membership.
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