Friday, December 17, 2004

Hugh Laurie is GOD



I've got to admit it: I've got "House Fever". I can't say I've watched much of anything new this season, apart from Arrested Development and the recently rediscovered Enterprise (SHOCK! It's suddenly good! Let's hope it holds up!). Now, I'm watching House. This began as a joke a couple weeks ago. I have no idea how well House (Fox, Tuesdays 9/8c) is doing in the ratings, but I couldn't stop watching. Since then, I've seen two more episodes. I've got to admit it, though I could lose about half the supporting characters, the show has really grown on me. Last night, however, I had a startling realization. "Waitaminute! That's that chap from Black Adder III and IV!" After that, I knew that Hugh Laurie is, in fact, God. It is our duty to worship him. To enjoy him. To send him unreturned fan mail to strange places like "West Sussex" or "Northumberland". Or maybe just London. Laurie is one of several Englishmen I like. Perhaps I'll list a few more.
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