Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Could We Start Again, Please?

...Which brings me to my current blog post. Tomorrow, being the big 2-4, I feel it's a good candidate for a fresh start. That doesn't mean prolific blogging, but it does mean a real, fresh-eyed evaluation of where I stand and what's next.
The facts:
I have applied to graduate school. The final count was 7 schools, scattered far and wide across this great land. I'll keep you posted when any news (at least the good news) drops. One way or another, I don't intend to be teaching after the conclusion of the current school year.

I've considered stopping teaching prior to the end of the year. It's all contingent on circumstances, but if something came along, I'd be out. I don't think the administration in my building is very fond of me and this job is taking the best bits of me and doing a festive Mexican hat-dance on top of them. We'll see, but keep your ear to the ground for me.
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