Friday, February 09, 2007

Home on a Friday Night

It's been a long week at work. A very strange week. Last Monday I told my principal and a.p. that I was thinking of quitting in a contentious - but not nearly as contentious as I expected - conversation. Since then, I've been more or less left alone. It's been kind of refreshing. The job is still tough, but it's lessened the pressure to the point where I don't mind it nearly so much. However, I have a meeting on Monday to discuss whether or not said "quitting" will actually take place. I'm still conflicted on the subject. Quitting would almost certainly result in a fairly substantial financial hit to Kate and I. However, if I stay, the pressure from administration will likely resume and I will again be quite unhappy. At the end of the month I will only have 4 months left as a pedagogue. Is that too much? Maybe I'm just a big ol' pussy. When you come home on Friday night and you're already dreading Monday, something's gotta give. The question is, need it give before June?
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