Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Golden Vissage of our Lost Kings

The dollar coin! It's back again to say "hello" and try to make a convincing case for abandoning that shoddy piece of treasury paper that we've been using for decades. The reality is that the dollar bill is a joke. There's no point in even updating it as we've updated our other paper denominations because it is completely worthless. While it's not as bad as the penny (which costs more to make than it's worth it currency - therefore EATING value just by being produced) the days of the dollar bill in any right-thinking country should be numbered. However, Mr. Washington persists against all odds.

Despite two previously aborted tries - once with the Susan B. Anthony and again with the golden Sacagawea. However, both of these coins failed to catch on with the public. The new coins, however, will feature the image of our deceased presidents, starting with GW and working up to whoever else is dead by 2017, one president at a time, four presidents a year.

Good idea? I'd say so. People love the state quarters, after all (Then again, when was the last time you stood in line behind an old lady who just HAD to get her hands on an Idaho? I feel like this idea has lost some luster.) So, it looks like the mint is really pulling out the BIG GUNS on this one. Will it succeed? Time will tell. I think the reverse side is a little unimaginitive (think of how amazing the back of the quarter is and compare it to this image of the statue of liberty) and the pictures of the presidents are a little on the cartoon side of the spectrum. Nonetheless, the one thing I find really exciting about these coins is the return of "edge incused inscriptions" to American currency. According to the news reports I've read, this technique of including an inscription on the edge of the coin was abandoned in the US in the 30's. It's good to see some diversity in our money. I just wish either face of the coin would reflect the same originality.

Hey dollar man, you got a dollar?
-Anonymous to Chrisopher Matthew Forsythe
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