Thursday, August 25, 2005

Simpons Season 6 Packaging: Fox Will Fix For Some D'oh!

Are you dissatisfied with the packaging for the Simpsons Season 6? Many people out there are FURIOUS! The calm, soothing design of the pervious seasons has been replaced with garish near-life-size plastic shell designed to look like Homer Simpson's head!

Do you find that disturbing? Some might call it clever package design. However, most DVD collectors value uniformity above all else. On that basis, Fox has initiated a box replacement program! Even if you don't own the box set, or have no intention of replacing it, the faux-disgust for those desire such a switch is well worth a read. After all, they'll replace the box for only $3 and a UPC label. They're entitled to a little hostility at that price.
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