Saturday, April 16, 2005

Blog on Strike - Day Three

The blogstrike continues, unabated.

Interview with Phoebe Maltz confidant. Let's call her "K".

Geekpundit: Good morning.

K: Good morning.

Geekpundit: What do you think of Phoebe not putting me on her blog?

K: It's mean! I thought she put all her little compadres on her blog. Did she ever?

Geekpundit: No. She never did.

K: Oh no! (inaudible squeel)

Geekpundit: Do you want to say anything else about this travesty?

K: Ha ha! Let me think. Don't put that! Let me think. Um... Uh... Ha ha! Well, I think that she should put you on the blogroll! I'll look into it. I'll put in on the agenda for our next meeting.

There you have it, true believers.
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